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Comments on RV China 2019(Spring)

Anhui CHERY REV Specialty Vehicle Technology Co.,Ltd.

General Manager,Ke Chuandeng

Beijing RV exhibition should be said to be one of the largest RV exhibition in terms of scale, the number of visitors and RV manufactures. I think the exhibition support a very good platform for RV manufactures, campers, potential RV customers. By attending the exhibition, RV manufactures can exhibit their products and brands and let more and more campers and customers to contact with RVs and to comprehend their products’ advantage.

Brilliance Special Vehicle Equipment Technology(Dalian)Co.,Ltd.                   

RV Business Division Vice-general Manager,Erik.Yu

I think outdoor exhibition is closer to the RV life scence. The exhibition has gone through many years , which has customer base. That is why I have always attracted this exhibition. Because of the extension of exhibition time, we have more time to receive customers. Exhibition organizers organize some activities such as group buying and test drive ,which build a better service platform for exhibitors.

Baoding Lanzong Automotive Service Co., Ltd.

Marketing Director,Liu Yujiao

We have been participating in the exhibition organized by 21RV since the first one. It has been a pleasure to cooperate for so many years. By attending the exhibition, we can have a very in depth exchange and ideological collision. We can talk about the future of industry trend , to know the changes of customer’s need, the exchange of their experience of products. I think it is very good.

Specialty Bus Branch, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.

Special Vehicle Division Vice General Manager, Lu Peng

I feel the plan of the exhibition is good. At first the extension of exhibition time gives our final customers more time to comprehend RV and have more time to choose the one they prefer.

Hunan Eden Park Car Holding Group Limited by Share Ltd

Executive Director,Xu Wen Hui

Many our customers talk about test drive with us. This is our first time to cooperate with 21RV.After the exhibition we will contact with 21RV closely. Some support from 21RV we didn’t use it. In the later stage, we should maintain close ties and cooperation.

Beijing Pinzhi Camping Investment Management Co.,Ltd.

General Manager,Huang Guanxiang

Comparing with other exhibition, this one has more orders and buyers in RV industry. This is our real feeling. We can contact with developers and buyers from all over the country. In terms of transaction amount, we think it is still the highest, which is the characteristic.

New Gonow Group

Vice President and Chief Marketing Office,LiMing Zhang

This exhibition is located in Beijing, the capital, with large flow of visitors and the quality of visitors is very good. There are a lot of campers and travelers attend in this exhibition. Yesterday we had got 4 orders. We are trying to get 50 orders in this exhibition.

Xinkai Automobile Group Co.,Ltd.

Design Department Manager,Li Haitao

We have been cooperating with 21RV since the first session and every time we cooperated very happily. This year viewed from the quality of visitor, more and more professional RV travelers come here. Also RV accessories manufactures are developing to become more professional, which is what we as a RV manufacture hope to see.

Jiangsu Sanqiao Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Chairman,Xiao Heping

I have attended in a lot of auto exhibitions, and this year we are here for the first time. I think it is very successful. The exhibition represents the highest level and the largest scale of such an RV exhibition in Chinese current RV industry. It brings RV manufactures and RV accessories dealers to develop together.


Marketing Manager,Norbert van Noesel

I believe the 21RV show is especial with the Mr. Wang Jidong Wang Xudong .They have been visiting shows they brought best things back to China back to this 21RV show.I think it is perfect organized I think is growing fast is perfect perform to further growth in China.

BECAP Technology Co.,Ltd.

General Manager,Cheng Tao

21RV platform has always felt good and has been done for many years. We grew up with 21RV exhibition together. Overall, there are many friends coming to the exhibition and we share views about China RV industry such as RV technology and so on. I think it is a win-win modal.

Beijing Heyuan Sundon Wooden Structure Tech Co.,Ltd.

Chairman,Li Xinghua

Beijing RV& Camping Exhibition is our company ‘s major event every year . Every March , we will take Sundon new product and new idea to the exhibition. It’s a very important exhibition we have been attending. It benefits for our brand and our sales too much.