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Comments on RV China 2018(Autumn)

Baoding Lanzong Automotive Service Co., Ltd.

Marketing Director, Liu Yujiao

Beijing RV exhibition the first RV exhibition in our country that is most professional and largest of all. And I think it is a pioneer and a high point in China RV exhibition. We have also been to some exhibitions in Europe and America, as well as Japan. Of course, there is certain gap between our exhibitions and the ones held in Europe and America in the respect of scale and maturity, but we are gradually approaching to narrow the gap. In Asia, we are already doing better than Japan and South Korea in the respect of scale and size. So I hope this exhibition, led by 21RV, can make still further progress, continue to innovate and continue to work hard!

Tangshan Yate Special Vehicles Co.,Ltd.

General Manager, Tian Minghui

I think the international camping exhibition has made improvement year by year, for example, our exhibition area becomes larger in this year. The exhibition form has shown a new idea. We also hope that Beijing international RV exhibition will bring a better publicity platform for RV enterprises like us, as well as a better construction of camping for RV family .

Zhejiang Daide Longtree Automobile Co.,Ltd.

Vice General Manager, Shi Yanhua

I think that general manager Mr. Wang, as well as the 21RV, has played an indelible role in the development of China's RV industry. It is obvious to all that the 21RV online has done so much for the past years. From the customer's perspective, it now becomes professional while it was non-professional in the past. And the noticeable effects can be seen through the diversion, the education on customers and taking the industry to move forward, including how to guide the customer to start a RV tour and how to choose a RV. I think your company has done a good job. And now it's more professional.

Tourist RV

Sales Director, Xu Yang

Owing to the online and offline media publicity by the 21RV, many customers with purchasing intention come to the exhibition, so as a manufacturer, I am very satisfied with the customer quality of this exhibition, and the actual volume of transactions is far ahead of the target set before.


Sales Director, Zhou Xufeng

As a sales department at this 21RV exhibition in Beijing, firstly, our greatest achievement is about the sales and orders done right here. What’s more, I think this is a platform which gives opportunity for manufacturers to learn from each other and exchange experiences. And thanks to this platform, we can have a better communication with RV owners.

Jiangsu Dexing RV Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Marketing Manager &Chairman Assistant  Shrek Shih

The Beijing RV exhibition is now a benchmark for the Chinese RV camping industry. We attend the exhibitions held in March, September and at the end of October in Chengdu City, which generally covers Beijing and the southwest of China. The 21 RV really plays a leading role in the RV industry.

GoldStar RV

Chairman, Jon Joed Juwayed

The organization of the this show is very very good much better now than it used to be and the exhibitors themselves which are come here have so much quality. Caravans and motorhomes. It is clearly ,you know, everybody to see how this industry move in the last ten years. It is really moving so quickly in very very high speed.

Erwin Hymer Group Asia Pacific

President, Zhang Tongjie

Most of the visitors to this exhibition used to be players. Now there are lots of enthusiasts who have spare money and leisure time to participate in this kind of exhibition and the number is increasing. This is not quite the same as in the previous two exhibitions. During this exhibition, many of them have actually been paying attention for some time before coming. So from this perspective, we think that this industry has developed to a stage of actual demands. RV has been accepted by the public slowly, not just for a niche market.

Thetford (China)

Product Manger, Blake

This time when I came to this exhibition in September, I found that there were more and more end-users, more and more RV enthusiasts and manufacturers, and more and more accessories manufacturers. So the whole industry develop simultaneously. More and more manufacturers and end-users have made great progress.

Mobo Mobile Trading (Shanghai) LLC

Managing Director, Guo Yi

I think that the whole industry is trying the best to make this industry grow and become strong, and various joint associations also joined to help. If we can make the RV share a little bit of self-driving market and increase its proportion, then the Chinese tourism will be more and more comfortable. I think that the Beijing RV exhibition is a place gathering not only the popularity of manufacturers and accessories vendors, but also the popularity of RV family which is very important.

New Focus Lighting & Power Technology (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.

Chairman, Zuo Yungui

This is the biggest RV exhibition I have ever seen, with the most comprehensive categories and largest scale. Secondly, it upgrades our current consumption and gives a great driving force for us to promote self-driving tourism. Compared with the last year, great changes have taken place this year in the aspects of the number of participants and the relatively growing scale of manufacturers attended this exhibition. It, in fact, plays a great role in promoting the entire high-end self-driving tourism.

Zeng Rong Wood (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Sales Director, Ma Huan

For this exhibition, I think that the intention of both the exhibitors and visitors is clear, and they know what they really want. The theme is much clearer. The experience of supporting services is stronger, including food, toilets and so on. The convenience of the exhibition is very satisfactory. On this exhibition, I attended a forum and I was great touched by what I have learned at the forum.

Beijing Goshen Tech Co.,Ltd

General Manager, Guo Ning

Our company has attended your exhibitions for 16 times since you held the second one. We have actually developed with your exhibition. When you started to hold the exhibition, we also just started a business for not a long time and there were only two or three people in our company. Now, together with the development of RV industry and your exhibition, our company are now developing to a scale of more than ten people, and both the turnover and number of customers become much more than before.

Wuxi Contact Electronics Co.,Ltd.

CEO  Alex Peng

Beijing RV exhibition is in the lead in the domestic RV exhibitions. It brings together all the customers, platforms, users, suppliers, manufacturers and brands, which is believed to generate great positive effect on the promotion and popularization of the entire RV industry.

Well Pal Industries Co.,Ltd.

National Sales Manager, Joe

The first we have attended the show was 2016.9. The first time I attended the show I was superised about many much interested in the Chinese market for the RV and now we see the interests bigger and bigger every year. I think the future for the China RV industry will be great and it is a great opportunity for everybody in this business.

Moxuanju Architecture Technology(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd.

General Manager, Tian Li

Beijing RV camping exhibition is a very good platform for the domestic RV camping industry to create a very professional brand. It is also a good platform for professional suppliers and customers to communicate more and to understand more. That is why we come here.

Dalian Chengzhan Tent Technology Co., Ltd.

General Manager, Qinwei

I find obviously that the organizer was very attentive to hold this exhibition. They invited a lot of campers to participate in this exhibition. We have had very good communication with many effective customers and sold many products right here. Thank the organizer for all their efforts.

Jiedeng Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd.

Manager of Minister, Hu Haifeng

From the overall exhibition planning and regular organization by the organizer, we can see a more professional progress. This exhibition is also a good platform for exhibitors like us to observe and learn from each other. Thanks to the organization by the 21RV, there is such a huge group of RV family occurring in the exhibition at the same time, which plays a very good role in our on-site sales, as well as promoting and popularizing the launching and release of some of our new products.