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Comments on RV China 2019(Spring)

Yangzhou Saide RV Co.,Ltd.

Chairman,Huang Jian

From previous exhibitions, whether from experience in hosting exhibitions, on-site serviceonsite drainage,professional visitors are all relatively high. From the point of view of the quality of the transaction, the customers basically come for the purpose of buying RVs.

Luoyang Enwin Hymer Loncen Caravan Co.,Ltd.

General Manager,Wang Wenli

I think this exhibition will be more standardized. The organizers have done a lot of preparatory work. Secondly,two brothers Wang of the 21RV introduced RV into China and made outstanding contributions. They have their own in-depth understanding of RV, which I feel is the greatest harvest for RV exhibition. It can guide enterprises to do a good job in this RV product and market, and also lead customers to choose the favorite RV brand.

Luoyang Deye Specialized Vehicle Co.,Ltd.

General Manager,Zhao Dongbing

We have paid much attention to 21RV network for a long time. It is a well-known professional RV network in China.Yesterday it was the first day of the RV show and it worked very well. Yesterday, we signed several contracts, and the quantity of visitors was quite large. The service of the 21RV was good.

Shandong Shituo RV Group Co.,Ltd.

Group Vice-president,Wang Zhiquan

Through the understanding and cooperation of the 21RV in recent years, we recognize this platform very much. There are several reasons. One is that we have consolidated a lot of owners of campsites and users on this platform.Second we are very satisfied to the service of 21RV which is more helpful to us.

Novaquest Technology Beijing Co.,Ltd.

General Manager,Han Zhe

I think the exhibition held by 21RV in Beijing, whether in March or August, was hold in September in previous years, which is the most influential and the most widely disseminated exhibition. I think it is the largest exhibition in China at this stage. If we don't come to this exhibition, and we don't release new models at this exhibition, it should be a loss to our enterprises.

Jiangsu Weihang Automotive Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.

Deputy General Manager,Wu Qian

21RV was established earlier, which is the pioneer of our industry. The exhibition of 21RV has the most accurate customers. So we attach great importance to the exhibition of 21RV. Now it is found that customers' requirements for the quality of RV are getting higher and higher, which is different from before. When we first started making RVs, we just made it, but now we have to have higher standard on functionality and depth.

Qingdao Chuntian Technology Vehicle Co.,Ltd.

Deputy General Manager,Liu Chunhao

We have participated in the exhibition of 21RV since 2011. The first one is in spring, then in autumn. The first advantage is the exhibition of 21RV has a long history, and has accumulated a lot of customers. The second,exhibition has a large number of enterprises to participate. Customers also like to visit it. Third, we can see some innovations in the exhibition.

HOFULO(Suzhou)Automobile Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Deputy General Manager,Li Jianhong

The exhibition hosted by 21RV has been the 19th. It is in the forefront of China RV industry, and has many user groups and some fans. The date of this exhibition is ahead of schedule. I feel that the hardware facilities in the exhibition are more standardized than before. At the same time, the users are more rational, and there are more inquiries about the specialty of the RV. Moreover, in this exhibition, I see that every manufacturer can do better in improving the quality of products and the specialty of the RV.

Shanxi Puri Les Automobile Service Co.,Ltd.

Assistant Chairman,Wu Yifeng   

Beijing RV Exhibition is aimed at both international and domestic markets. It has a wide audience. One more, as far as I know, our Beijing RV Exhibition has been held for almost 20 times. Experience in such activities, including supporting facilities, manpower arrangements, is very experienced. I got the news that 21RV successfully bid for this world conference two weeks ago. I'm very happy. After all, it's an honor for our industry, which means that we have taken a step towards the international level.

Hunan Eden RV Holdings Investment Group Co.,Ltd.

General Sales Manager,Yang Yichao

Needless to say, 21RV which has a new media and self-media in RV promotion is the most professional and longest-standing platform in China. Therefore, we must give priority to the 21 RV for RV exhibition. Every time we come to this exhibition of 21RV, our expectation is the highest. Of course, it never makes us disappointed. The number of orders in each exhibition is also the largest.

Jiangsu Zhongyi Automobile Co.,Ltd.

Sales Director,Zhu Kai

We come to our exhibition every year. Through experience of holding many times, the exhibition of 21RV is becoming better and better. The passenger flow is becoming more and more, the popularity is becoming higher and higher. Some partial designs and some services have improved one after another. It is a very good thing for our RV enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

Centech Specialty Vehicles Co.,Ltd.

Assistant Director of Sales,Shi Lin

Our company was established since 2001.As far as I known, 21RV was established since 2002.From then we have cooperated with each other. It can be said that we grew up together. The first exhibition in the industry was held by 21RV. We supported each other and grew up together. Today, I have witnessed the development of the RV camping industry in China from nothing. In the process of growing up, we see the growth of our own enterprises and industries little by little, including the scale of each exhibition held by 21RV, the preparatory work in advance,some services to our exhibitors in the course of the exhibition, including some interaction, some resources provided to us, and so on. In order to upgrade the factory, the most important thing is the turnover and sales performance. It is also with high value and good cost performance comparing with pervious exhibitions.

Jiangsu Family Automotor Development Co.,Ltd.

Operation Manager,Qian Qian

Our company has entered the RV market since 2014. Our first appearance was at the RV camping exhibition held by 21RV. So after so many years of cooperation, whether from the accuracy of visitors or the popularity of the exhibition, I think it is the best in the industry. Congratulations to the 21 RV for the right to host the 2022F.I.C.C. International Rally. We hope that the Family RV will be able to show our better models through the exhibition.

Ningbo Guangrun Kitchen and Bathroom Products Co.,Ltd.

General Manager,Xie Bangdi

We have participated in the Beijing RV and Camping of 21RV since 2013. From our cooperation in the past seven years, we have obtained great benefits from this exhibition. With the growth of this exhibition, we have also witnessed the development of 21RV in the past seven years. We watched the news that 21 RV won the right to host F.I.C.C. International Rally in 2022 through Wechat. I am very happy, and I am very supportive of the 21 RV to host the Rally as a world-class exposition.

Beijing Proflex Energy & Power Technology Co.,Ltd.

General Engineer,Liang Xing

Beijing RV Exhibition is a comparatively benchmark RV exhibition in China. We have participated in it since the earliest time. Basically, the well-known RV enterprises all over the country will come here to participate in this exhibition. So it is a very good platform for us and it is convenient for our accessories dealers to communicate with various RV manufactures. It is also convenient for RV manufacture to go to our booth for product testing. The second reason is that this more professional platform attracts many RVers, who can learn about our products in our booth to promote them to other RVers.

Shenzhen Yanming Trading Co.,Ltd.

Sales Manager,Simon Batey

So this is the biggest show for RV in Beijing as really good and really hot .There is a lot of people. They will be coming up to see the RVs and this is a great exhibition there is a lot of variety, different motors, vans, trucks,even big police vehicles. So that gets a lot of RVs. Sounds good. And I am enjoying with it. I think it is a pretty good show.

Tuye Camp Equipment

General Manager,Zhang Xueyong

21RV should be the earliest company to building RV website and organizing exhibition in China. It provides a platform for manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and RV manufacturers to exhibit and online promotion.Therefore, it has made a great contribution to China's RV industry and played an important and positive role in promoting it. I wish the RV industry of China and 21RV grow together and take off altogether!

Tianjin Far Tai Module Housing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Sales Manager,Xu Guoping

Selecting from many exhibitions, we choose to cooperate with the 21RV. Because we have participated in the exhibition every year .Whether in spring or autumn, we will participate in the exhibition. It can be said that targeted main customers are more accurate. We all have orders at the annual exhibition, and it will provide a good platform to follow-up development of customers.