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Comments on RV China 2018(Spring)

Ma Pengbo  General Manager of RV Sales Department


The exhibition has been held for so many years, which has played a great role in promoting the popularity of Chinese RVs. We can make use of this exhibition to communicate with all related companies in the industry to jointly promote the promotion and improvement of products and have a clearer understanding of the development trend of RVs.

Ke Fuhui  General Manager


The International RV Exhibition held by 21RV has been our concern for a long time. It's the most professional RV exhibition in the country. This exhibition has a particularly large visitors and the quality of professional visitors is very high.

Hong Junhua  General Manager


This platform allows us to better promote our residential and camping lives, as well as allow our customers to better understand our products.In China, with the continuous improvement and development of infrastructure, as a leisure model, the RVs have begun to be known to the public. The Chinese market for RVs is booming.

Li Yang  Marketing Director / Partner


There are more and more RV manufacturers and accessory manufacturers participating in the Spring Fair this year. It also shows that the market capacity of RVs is also increasing . The exhibition harvested a lot of dealer customers and the quality of professional visitors is constantly improving. This year, there will be further cooperation with 21RV, including the cooperation on the website and the exhibition, in-depth Xudong Car Visit Tour.

Zhang Jingwei  Business Manager

Ningbo Sike RV Technology Co., Ltd.

This exhibition is the best from both scale and service compared to the past. This time, there are many customers who come from all over the world, such as Bangladesh, Outer Mongolia, Australia and Europe. There are also many riders from all over the country. It is very good for brand promotion.

Tan Lijun  General Manager of Marketing Center of China


The exhibition is getting better with the larger scale, more visitors and better services. The products that Domestic displayed here are more diverse and more abundant. China's RV market is developing at a rapid rate. Domestic, as a relatively large RV supplier in the world, is ready to introduce more overseas experiences and good products to the Chinese market. We are very optimistic about China's RV market.

Liang Na  Marketing Manager


When we first entered China, the exhibition at the Fangshan Expo Center was our first stopover. This year marked our second participation. We also participated in many domestic and international exhibitions. This exhibition was very special for us as there were many RVs camping here. Many riders and users came to communicate with us which can help us to make products that better meet demands.

Wang Ye  General Manager


The scale and grade of this year's exhibition have greatly increased. The organization and coordination of the exhibition were present in an orderly manner and the setup ot functional areas was more reasonable. In the future, we will leverage on our hardware advantages to constantly support the upgrade of the exhibition layout.

Zhang Qi  President/Founder


This exhibition surprised me by showing that the Chinese market and the international market are merging and a lot of new things are  in sync with foreign countries. 21RV is getting better and better. We also hope that with the development of the 21RV, we will grow together on this platform and we will be able to reach more and more good friends.