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Comments on RV China 2016(Fall)

Customers know RVs better and hold more rational thoughts when buying the RVs. After years of development, Chinas RV market is more reasonable and mature. Besides, organizer is doing better than the last exhibition from the perspective of coordination, arrangement and safeguarding. We hit good sales this time, especially two types of four-drive Lanzhong C5 RV which can have Beijing plate. As the largest and most professional RV camping media in China, 21 RV plays a significant role in the development of whole RV camping industry.

Liu Jie  Sales director/Deputy General Manager

Qingdao Chuntian Technic Vehicle Co., Ltd

We have been here for 12 years and witnessed its growth of scale, service and ancillary equipment. We have gained good results every year. A large part of our annual sales revenue is generated from this exhibition and we are confident in this year. Compared to developed countries in US and Europe, China doesnt have many RV users which means it is a huge potential market. Lets create the future of RV together.

Sun Xinping  General Manager

Zhengzhou Beaty Ln Royal Rv Co.,Ltd

We bring 5 types this year and 2 last year. With a history of a decade, Chinas RV industry is now in a fast-growing period. We have visited the previous exhibitions and feel the change of activities. The team is becoming more and more professional. Its good.

Li Hua  Marketing Department Minister

CenTech Specialty Vehicles Co.,Ltd

Zhongtian has a continuous cooperation with 21 RV. Since the first one in 2008, the exhibition has been improving. This year witnesses more manufacturers, especially new manufacturers. It is outstanding from audience flow and transaction. Our transaction sale has been growing year by year. We sold 3-5 RVs yesterday.

Wang Dapeng  Co-founder

Beijing Ronover Travel RV Technology Co,.Ltd

21 RV has witnessed our growth from 2 people to 20 and then 100. I have visited the entire area and feel very good: first, the overall arrangement, including pre-phase communication with us exhibitors, mid-phase connection and pro-phase service, is very attentive; second, the stage is more human and nature; third, promotion is huge. In this morning, we have more orders and customer consultation than before.

Wang Guohai  RV General Manager

Beijing Huanda Automobile Assembly Co., Ltd

Beijing Huanda has been in the industry for many years. This is the first time that we bring 3 types of RVs. Our booth was so welcomed yesterday. This exhibition is getting better and better. This year puts a far more focus on domestic brands than before. More and more true users are coming as well.

Zhang Xiaowei  Business Manager

Foshankinghorn Machinery Co.,Ltd

The exhibition is becoming more and more popular. We all use 21 RV for marketing. We hope to double the sales of March. On the first day, we have achieved half of last Marchs sales. RV sales is much better in north regions.

Salvatore Filippi


This is the second time that I join this exhibition in China. There are more people here. I can tell they are very happy to be here. European RV market is mature than Chinas because they start early and China only has few years. For my part, it needs time. China market will explode later.

Liu Yuecong  Chairman

Tianjin Yuantai module real manufacturing Co., Ltd

We have participated 21 RV exhibition for 6-7 times. This year has a good scale. RV industry and campsite are developing. We have more interested customers this year.

Shi Nailin  Founder & CEO

WOW CAMP Tourism and Culture Development (Beijing) Co.,Ltd

We have met more professionals in this exhibition. It is very large this year. Of course I hope that this years exhibition will be a surprise and our WOW. We can feel organizers care and find different types of exhibitors such as RV and camping.

Visitor 1

This exhibition is very big and splendid. I like outdoor sports and am planning to buy a RV. I will bring my family and friends here after today.

Visitor 2

My kid is getting bigger. I want to take him out to see the world. I need a RV for sightseeing natural beauty and historical relics across China. It will build the family and help him grow healthily.

Wang Jianmin  Camper

This years exhibition has several features: first, there are a lot of people who camp here. I see plates from all over China, different RV types and people of different age groups. This exhibition is a summary and deeper understanding of what we have experienced and travelled through RV and camping in leisure times.