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Comments on RV China 2016(Fall)

Liu Fei   Deputy Director of RV Business Department

SAIC Maxus

This is a very successful exhibition which attracts a lot of visitors and manufacturers. The manufacturers have brought their latest products to this fantastic platform. This is the third time that Maxus participates the exhibition and we are impressed by the international standards as regards to overall arrangement and organization. RV has become a fashion in China. Diversity, standardization and excitement are what I feel from this exhibition.

Liu Yujiao   Sales General Manager

Baoding LivezoneAuto Services Ltd

This is the 14th time that Great Wall attends the exhibition, which improves year by year. We never miss one exhibition. This year's rainy days leave no influence on numbers of visitors and exhibitors. I see high quality, efficiency and pace from this exhibition.

Yu Ning   Marketing Manager

Tangshan Yate Special Vehicles Co., Ltd.

Compared to previous exhibitions, this year's exhibition is much bigger as regards to scale. After all these years, 21 RV and each exhibitor have grown mature gradually. I will describe this exhibition as professional and comprehensive. It is also a new challenge to our team as this is the largest exhibition we have participated throughout the past 7 years.

Kong Xiangcheng   Sales Director

Beijing North RV Co., Ltd.

This year's exhibition is the largest one in history as regards to scale with a record-breaking number of exhibitors, which indicates the fast development of China's RV industry. At present, with the growing number of camping sites in China, we have set more and higher standards for camping cars. Our target clients are among camping. 21 RV has pushed the development of RV manufacturing and we have attached great importance to it. Right now Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition is the 3rd largest in the world and the 1st in Asia.

Li Haitao   Director Design Department

Xinkai Auto Group Co., Ltd.

Xinkai Auto Group initiated cooperation with 21 RV 7 years ago and we have in all attended over 10 exhibitions. Compared to previous years, this year is a big jump as regards to scale, arrangement from organizer and number of exhibitors. We hope that 21 RV can build a strong platform to go higher and lead the development of this industry.

Yu Na   Deputy General Manager

Anhui Chang'an Specialized Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd

This is our first time but I will definitely attend every exhibition later. We want to learn from others and promote our brands in this exhibition. I can obviously feel that the number of RV brands is getting bigger, so is the influence. We mainly focus on system and RV for camping sites and hope that our camping trailer can have a good sales. We have received firm orders this morning.

Wu Yang   Deputy General Manager

Shenzhen Speed Teng Car Equipment Co., Ltd.  

We expect to introduce new models this year. As the leader of off-road RV, we have launched our latest model at the exhibition. According to China's development, we believe that RV will be owned by each family within ten years as mobile did. Hands in hands, we have developed with 21 RV. Its We-Media operation, with the most professional and influential website in China, is closely associated with the exhibition.

Huang Dongxin   Sales Manager

Shandong Rongye RV Manufacturing Services Co., Ltd

Rongcheng has followed 21 RV's every step ever since it hosted the first exhibition. I think the service is getting better and better. In spite of the rains and muddy roads, I am quite satisfied that we can get non-slip pads with a single phone call. With a huge number of visitors now, 21 RV website has helped popularize RV knowledge and provide a good platform for camping sites related and RV manufacturers.

Zuo Zheng   President

Beijing Aiersen Auto Sales Services Co., Ltd

This is the first time that we attend the exhibition, which is beyond my expectation. Compared to international vehicle exhibitions, it has large number of visitors and offers great help to exhibitors. If I have to evaluate this exhibition, professional, organized and visitor volume will first pop out of my mind.

Zhang Dechao   Area Manager

AL-KO (Yantai) Machinery Co., Ltd.

This is the first time that we attend the exhibition and we don't have expected targets for this year. We actually want to see what results can be achieved as an exhibitor. It seems quite nice now.

Liu Nantu   China General Manager

Truma Mechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

We have attended the exhibitions for mutiple times and felt the change each year. It is particularly obvious this year. I will use splendid to describe this year's exhibition. China's RV market will have a great future.

Norbert van Noesel   Marketing Director

Thetford (China)

This is the 5th time that Thetford attended this exhibition and I am pleasured to be here. Back in Europe, I have heard a lot of stories regarding the development of China's RV market. I can feel it more being here. Chinese people enjoy more and more from RV. I believe that China market will embrace bigger development in the next few years. We hold high expectation for China's RV market, which is relatively small now, yet will be bigger than European market in the next 5 to 10 years.

Cheng Tao   General Manager

Begap Technology Co., Ltd.

We have attended every exhibition and felt the change each time. We see the growth each year and 21 RV is getting more and more professional. We mainly want to promote our products this year. This is a good platform for us to communicate with old friends and clients for planning the future, and talk with new potential client groups as well as many end customers.

Xie Bangdi   General Manager

Ningbo Canrun RV and Boat Accessories Co., Ltd.

Compared to previous exhibitions, this exhibition is bigger with more attention from the society. We have doubled our booth area and product types. The 1000 samples we have brought was sold out yesterday. For China's RV accessory market, we used to have more foreign brands; with the development of domestic RV accessory companies, China's RV accessory market is doubling its sales each year. We give merits to 21 RV as regards to professional on-site services and follow-up services.

Guo Tao   Director

Zhengzhou New Focus RV Accessory Co., Ltd

This is the 5th time that our New Focus attends Beijing exhibition. Compared to previous years, this year witnesses more RV and accessory exhibitors and more RV fans. We can display special accessories, present the importance of RV accessories and bring better experience to the fans at this exhibition.

Wang Wanyu   CEO

Beijing Lehero Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.

The exhibition embraces changes every year. Led by 21 RV, all manufacturers have endeavored to present RV or camping life in some way on this platform. Although it happens to be the coldest days in March, it hasn't poured out passion of visitors, which indicates that this industry is on a right track of fast development. I believe that Spring RV & Camping Exhibition of 21 RV is the bellwether of the industry. This attributes to persistence and team efforts of 21 RV throughout the years.

Liu Fang   Sales Director


This is our third time. Just as we have expected, it is a huge success. We have met a lot of friends who love camping. Through this exhibition, we have received great passion and recognition. We have strong faith in the future of China's camping market.

Ms. Xu (RV fan)

I come from Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and do second-hand vehicle business in Liaoning. I have been a RV fan for over 10 years. Via 21 RV, I have met a lot of RV friends and learned how to better sell RV.

Li Changqing (Visitor)

I have taken our family of three members to this exhibition to know more about RV. I want to buy one in the future if financially allowed. I have attended other RV exhibitions as well, but outdoor space is most suitable for RV & camping exhibition.