About RV China

China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition is held in Beijing RV Expo Center·RV World twice a year every spring and autumn. Since 2010, the exhibition has developed as the most influential RV and camping trading exhibition in Asia, which is regarded as the wind vane and barometer of Chinese RV development, building a trading and communication bridge for brands, distributors and consumers.

This grand exhibition is the milestone of the development of Chinese RV industry. It aims to present the entire industrial chain for the RV and camping industry and provides consumers with more convenient one-stop purchase opportunities to RV selection, usage, maintenance, modification, travel and campsites, offering a great platform for both domestic and foreign RV and camping companies to get understanding and cooperation among one another.

Originate from 2010, the first in Asia

China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition was started in 2010, which is the first international RV and camping trading and culture communication platform. It is also the most influential RV and camping trading exhibition in Asia.

Meticulous cultivation, Promote prosperity

Aiming at “Make 0.1 million families own RVs, 1 million families experience RVs, 10 million families understand RVs”, through  years of unremitting efforts, Beijing International RV Exhibition has achieved great recognition from companies of all RV brand, accessory, outdoor equipment, mobile home, campsite and related media.

Magnificent Momentum, Gather New and Old Brands over the World

RV brands from over 10 countries and regions including Germany, America, Australia, Britain, Netherlands, Japan, Korea and China present on-site, which enables you to see RVs from all over the world without going abroad. Thousands of exhibiting RVs also chime in with camping RVs.

Five in One, Witness the Power of Brand

RV World is a comprehensive trading market that integrates RV sales, accessories, after sales service, rental and experience. There are dozens of foreign and domestic brands, with hundreds of RVs regularly displayed and traded. RV World is regarded as the origin of China RV and camping.