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Ever-lasting RV Feast, Turnover of the 12th Beijing RV Exhibition Reached 850 Million

21RVLasting four days, the 12th China (Beijing) International RV & CampingExhibition that is directed by China Association of Automotive ManufacturersRecreational Vehicle Industry Committee (CMRV), 21RV, RV World came to a closein Beijing RV Exhibition Centre • RV World on 27th of March. Experiencing12-session accumulation and development, Beijing International RV & CampingExhibition has developed to the leader of China RV and camping industry.

RV and camping tourism is one of the keypoints of tourism investment in Chinese “13th five-year plan”. Meanwhile, asthe focus of the State Council of China, RV self-driving industry is booming. China(Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition is the best RV and campingexhibition in terms of its standard and authority. It attracts exhibitors inRV, RV chassis and accessory, mobile home, outdoor equipment, campsite from allover the world. It devotes to offering more abundant and comprehensiveexhibits, more professional service, and more outstanding international RV& camping exhibition, aiming at presenting the entire product-chain of RVand camping industry. The exhibitors have the opportunity to shine in theexhibition and actively display their best products.

The whole industry communicated and plannedfuture development for RV industry during the summits, product launches,procurement fairs, expert lectures and industrial seminars in the exhibition.The exhibition comprehensively presented the innovation and prospect for the RVand camping industry, playing a vital role in promoting the development ofChina RV and camping industry. Till 15:00 on 27th of March, the 12th Beijing RV& Camping Exhibition was closed with many impressive achievements. It pushedthe RV and camping market to the historical peak again.

The Onsite Turnover Accumulated to 850 million

Number is the proof of exhibitionachievement. The success of the exhibition attracted high attention andappreciation from the whole industry. Till the end of the exhibition, the roughstatistics showed that the exhibition attracted 320 exhibitors, 1500 RVs, theexhibition area reached 60 thousand square meters, and the turnover accumulatedto 850 million. The exhibition played an important role in further spreadingworld’s advanced RV culture and concept, encouraging the development ofdomestic RV and camping industry, and promoting the communication andcooperation in domestic RV and camping industry.

Around 58,680 Visitors

After 12-session, Beijing International RVExhibition has developed to the largest, finest and most influential RV andcamping exhibition, which serves the top RV and camping display, consumptionand trade platform. The wide influence and awareness has already made theexhibition enjoy popular support. The exhibition provides RV and camping loversand operators with one-stop purchase opportunity. Also, it provides relatedenterprises with a wide platform to understand and cooperate with each other.The four-day exhibition attracted 320 exhibitors from 20 countries and regionsand 58480 visitors, among which the number of trade visitors was far beyondexpectation.

Around 4200 Campers Encamped Onsite

At the beginning of the exhibition, theorganizer expanded the camping area and upgraded the supporting facilities.Theimprovement of quality and service attracted camping lovers from all over thecountry to encamp here. Most of the campers come from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei,Henan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi. The total number ofcamping RVs exceeded 500 and the total number of campers was around 4200.

Newly Added Real Outdoor Camping Display

RV travel is a new travel mode thatperfectly combines travel and life. As a fashionable travel mode, RV travelenjoys more and more popularity. Camping travel is also an emerging leisureactivity, which is becoming the new trend of domestic leisure tourism. It containsrich connotation, combining vacation with countryside recreation. This year,the exhibition newly added real outdoor camping display, which largelysatisfies the need for outdoor camping leisure tourism so that to present afeast of RV and camping industry at the beginning of the year.

Splendid Accompany Programs

In order to effectively satisfy therequirement of industrial development, we organized large number of accompanyprograms, which included professional RV and camping programs such as “Brand · Manufacture· Development” 2016 China RV & Camping Industry Development Forum, 2015-2016China RV and Camping Industry Brand Award Ceremony, China International RVAccessory Summit, China RV and Camping Industry Brand Award Ceremony, ChinaCampsite Procurement Fair, Chassis Modification Workshop. We also organized programsspecifically for RV and camping lovers such as RV Family Eurasian Journey Seminar,Expert Lecture about How to Buy a Suitable RV, Dometic RV Class (theinstallation and use of air-conditioner and fridge), RV Family Music Festival, andYutong Klein RV Family Appreciation Banquet. Through the forum, training, awardand interaction, we aimed to guide consumers and experts to more professionallyand deeply learn knowledge of RV and camping, to spread RV and camping cultureand to push the domestic RV and camping industry to a new stage.

Appreciation from the Industry

Exhibitors form various countries commentedhighly on the four-day RV and camping exhibition. Large number of exhibitorsexpressed that the effect of the exhibition was high beyond their expectationin terms of the process, supporting service, exhibit categories and the entireenvironment. It provided exhibitors and visitors with considerable convenience.Visitors and buyers poured in, making Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition animportant consumer market for China RV industry. It plays an active role inpromoting the development of RV industry. Many exhibitors expressed theirintention to bring more innovative RV products for the 13th RV andCamping Exhibition in September so that to encourage the development of ChinaRV industry and Beijing RV and Camping Exhibition.

300 Media Comprehensive Report

As the development of RV industry, theorganizer largely strengthened and upgraded media promotion so that to furtherexpand the influence and awareness of the exhibition. We invited CCTV, BTV,TSTV, iQIYI auto, Xcar.Com, Sina Auto, Kuaichedao FM, Tencent Auto,,, China Radio International,,,,,, China Auto Pictorial, LeTV Auto,,,,Autocar.cri,,,, Beijing FM103.9, FM96.9 and otherdomestic and foreign mainstream media reported the exhibition onsite to spreadRV trend for the first time.

As the most influential RV exhibition inChina, 2016 China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition, 2016China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition serves as the mostpromising RV and camping market for the whole world.  It aims to promote China RV and campingindustry, gather the best in RV and camping industry, and offer excellentplatform and support for the rapid development of RV and camping industry. Italso largely influences and speeds up the spreading of world’s advanced RV cultureand concept and the development of domestic RV and camping industry.

On 8th – 11th September 2016, the 13thChina (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition and the 7th ChinaInternational RV & Camping Rally will be fully upgraded with more professional,dedicated and stronger posture to continue the brilliancy. See you again in September!