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The 12th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition will soon be Held

(Beijing) 12thJanuary afternoon, the 12th China (Beijing) International RV &Camping Exhibition (RV Exhibition) press conference was grandly held at BeijingRV Expo Centre•RV World, Yate Hall. The leadersof the government of Beijing Fangshan District, The government of BeijingFangshan Changyang Town, China Association of Automotive ManufacturersRecreational Vehicle Industry Committee (CMRV), China Leisure Standardization Technical Committee, 21 RV and RVWorld introduced 2015 China RV development condition and the preparation workof the RV Exhibition to the media.  

Directed by CMRV, 21 RV, RVWorld and organized by Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition Ltd., the 12thChina (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition that is themed with“exploring RV World” will be held from 24th to 27th March2016 at Beijing RV Expo Centre·RV World.

This time, the exhibition willattract manufacturers and sellers of RV, campsite, RV chassis and accessory,outdoor equipment, luxury from all over the world. It is aimed to create a RV& camping exhibition with richer and more complete products and moreprofessional and outstanding service. It is devoted to presenting the entireindustry chain of RV and camping, providing more direct and convenient one-stoppurchase opportunity for RV and camping lovers and operators and offering agreat platform for related domestic enterprises to understand and cooperatewith each other.

Fresh Start, the 12th Exhibition Is Timeless

Started in 2010, BeijingInternational RV & Camping Exhibition is the first professional domesticexhibition that focuses on RV and camping. After years’ development, Beijing RVExpo Centre·RV World has held 11 RVexhibitions and won the commitment of “professional, comprehensive,authoritative” from the industry.

The 12th RVExhibition will consistently embrace the principle of “professional, highquality, high purchase volume”, presenting a grand RV exhibition for theexhibitors and visitors at the beginning of the year. The founder of theexhibition, Mr. Wang Jidong expressed that the whole year's work depends on agood start in spring and March is full of vigor. The holding of the 12thChina (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition will also breathelife into the early spring of Beijing, stimulating the development of China RVindustry.”

Gather New and Old Brands, Add Outdoor Campsite Exhibition

Many famous domestic and foreign RV brands areinvited to the RV exhibition, together with various marketing campaigns.Domestic RV manufacture brands include Lanzhong, Zhongtian, Relaxed, Shunlv,Wuzhougxing, Tangshan Yaters, YUTONG-Klen RV, Huacheng, Zhong Yi, Mengzhilv,Spring RV, Saic Maxus, Xinkai, Daide Long Tree, Disheng, Farid, DongfengYufeng, Zhongchiwei, Dexing, Linyang, Zhongtian, Tuoruisite, Rongcheng Longhe,Shanghai Xinxing, Xingtong, Kesi, JMC, Henan Xinfei, Huangshan Qirui, ChangzhouTiansheng, Qixing, Nanjing Nac, Sunshine Traveler, Shenzhen Suteng, ZhonghaiLongdun, Tiantan Haiqiao, Kuanda, Aolihe, Lijie, Weihang, Zhongjin Bolang, LijunChangheng, and Juji. Chinese distributors of famous international RV brandsinclude Dalian Jiazhou, Hymer, Junqi, Taimei, Oushian, Desheng Tongda, andXiangfa. Kunshan Haige, Hunan Yujun, SHnaghai Banglv and Huaxia Special Vehiclewill make their debut. German brands like Bürstner, Hymer, Dethleffs, Knaus, Tiffin, Tabbert, and LMC,American brands like Jayco, Forest River, Winnebago,and Country Coach will comprehensively display high-end imported RVs to Chineseconsumers.

Famous international RV accessory manufacturessuch as Dometic, Truma, THETFORD, Begap, Yamaha, Lunos,and John Guest completely support the exhibition. Domestic RVaccessory companies such as Foshan Jinxiong, Heyi, Fengzhi, Deshi Digital,Guangyi Hengxiang, Sabo, Shenzhen Lijuntai, Hongtengtong,Shenbao, ZhuhaiZhicheng will present together with Tripower, Hengsheng Ruide, Gaofen Baoshu,Aidi, Qingdao Chuanghui, Bafang Rujie, Ningbo Chengbang, Bole, Jinchen Union,Gaoze Tech, Suzhou Maili, Luya Tech, Puguang Solar Energy, Guanglong, Yongan,Meizhan, Shanghai Kaiteng, Kuyile, Ningbo Meixing, Qiyicheng, Indel, Xinanda,Longsheng, Hangzhou Huaju, etc.

Mobile home brands includingSundon, Meiyi, Lemozu, Yuantai, Diwei, Anyue, Broadriver-horseLodge, campsitedesign brands ODM, Artcamp, and outdoor brands Baborui, Lehero, Penghai, MobiGarden, Shipao Quandixing, etc. will participate in the first “2016 China(Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition”, which is specificallydesigned for the one-stop purchasing for RV and camping, creating a uniqueelement for this exhibition.

Stimulate Development, Multiple Forums are Held Simultaneously

Various accompany activities areperfectly combined with the RV exhibition, integrating participatory,interactivity and entertainment. It will actively interact with visitorsthrough the official website, Weibo, WeChat and many other platforms topropagate comprehensive exhibition information to consumers’ mobile terminals.

Activity 1: 2016 China RV & Camping Industrial Development Forum – Chinese   first authoritative RV& camping industrial forum. During the forum, industrial committees, governmentleaders, senior experts, investment organizations, distributors and RV loverswill be invited to attend and discuss around the topics such as China RVindustry status and development, how to create centurial RV brands, and how toimprove the influence of imported RV brands.

Activity2: 2016 China RV & Camping Brand Awards – Who will win “China RV & Camping Top10 Manufactures, China RV &Camping Top10 Distributors, China RV & Camping Top10 Accessory Suppliers,China RV & Camping Top10 Campsites”? The awards are started in 2008, whichis the first professional domestic RV & camping awarding activity. Itcontinuously win applause from the industry. Last year appraise and electattracted 1037138 votes and 763895 page views.

Activity3: Domestic and Foreign New RV PressConference – The latest, most timely new RV information and releaseconference will be offered to visitors, presenting a visual feast.

Activity 4: Chassis ModificationSeminar –Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Saic Maxus, Dongfeng, Huachen and many othercompanies will have a deep discussion around the topic.  

Activity5: China Campsite Sourcing Fair – The first professional conference focus onthe combination of campsite and sourcing in China. Focusing on the requirementof RV & camping development, it builds trade platform for RV & campingindustry, stimulating RV development, coordinating barriers, setting campsitestandards, helping program success and promoting diversified development of theindustry.

Activity 6: China RV Family Salon and “2016 EurasiaJourney” Launching Ceremony – The largest and most appealing RV lover salonin China. 3200 RV lovers from all around the nation gather here to communicatesplendid travel stories, experience and make friends.

Activity 7: “How to Purchase aSuitable RV” Symposium – Provide RV buyers with professional purchasesuggestion.

Expand Influence, Spread the RV Exhibition

In order to expand the brandinfluence of the RV exhibition, it cooperate with more excellent domestic andforeign media to spread the event. Media and journalists from CCTV, BTV, TSTV,Tencent Auto, Sina Auto, Sohu Auto, NetEase Auto,, Xcar.Com,,,,,, Autocar.cri,,,,, China Auto Pictorial,Beijing Evening News, I Love My Car, LeTV Auto, Beijing FM103.9, FM96.9and other domestic and foreign mainstream media will report the exhibitiontimely. Meanwhile, in addition to the official website, official Weibo, Wechatand many other channels will be used to propagate complete information of theRV exhibition to enable visitors to learn the exhibition and have a moreeffective and efficient visit.

Based on the data, the RV exhibition will continuousto grow this year. An increasing number of new RVs will be displayed to give awonderful exhibition. Meanwhile, the committee of the exhibition will furtherperfect the onsite service, including setting up media center, visitor restarea, exhibitor meeting rooms. Onsite volunteers will also provide visitorswith consulting and guiding service to optimal visiting experience.

Through the development of 11 sessions, China(Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition develops together withChina RV & camping industry. It witnesses the rise of domestic RV &camping market, promotes the development of the industry, and also undertakesthe mission of leading the industry. It has already developed as one of thebiggest and most professional RV exhibitions in China.

24th – 27th March 2016 China (Beijing) InternationalRV & Camping Exhibition will present the new look of the industry, reachingto a new peak!

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