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The 11th Beijing RV Exhibition Comes to A Perfect Ending  See you again in March Next Year
Source:大会组委会 Link:http://rvchina

Directed by China Association of Automotive Manufacturers Recreational Vehicle Industry Committee (CMRV), 21 RV and RV World, the 11th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition and the 6th China International RV & Camping Rally lasted four days and came to a perfect ending on 13th September. Experiencing the accumulation and growth of former eleven sessions, Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition has become the weather vane and barometer of the development of Chinese RV industry.

RV & Camping Tourism is the focal point of tourism investment in “thirteenth five-year development plan” of Chinese government. China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition plays an important role in facilitating RV & Camping tourism. Domestic traditional RV companies, imported dealer brands, and other related accessory industry companies such as outdoor equipment and campsites all actively presented their products during the exhibition. As of 3 p.m. 13th September, the exhibition perfectly closed with numbers of impressive outcomes, pushing RV & Camping market to the historical peak once again.

Companies and visitors gained unexpected harvest and surprise from the exiting interactive accompany programs such as China RV & Camping Tourism Development Forum, Industry Model Awarding Ceremony, China RV Industry Standard Review Meeting, China International RV & Camping Industry Seminar, Industrial Planning Seminar, China RV Family Workshop and Dometic RV Family Sports Meeting, as well as the abundant promotion activities, rich gifts and warm service. The exhibition achieved complete success with the effort of whole exhibition crew.

The on-site cumulative turnover exceeded 360 million

Data is the witness of exhibition performance, the success of exhibition attracted great notice from the industry. The domestic and foreign awareness and influence of the exhibition were highly appreciated by industry experts. From preliminary statistics collected by organizing committee staff, the exhibition achieved 300 exhibitors, 50,000-square meter exhibition area, and over 360 million cumulative turnover. The success of the exhibition promotes the propagation of advanced RV culture and concepts and facilitates the economic development, communication and cooperation of domestic RV & Camping industry to a large extent.

Around 43,000 visitors

After 11th sessions, Beijing International RV Exhibition has already developed as an exhibition that leads the exhibition size, level and influence in Asia. It is the high-end trade platform for RV & Camping displays and consumption, covering wide range of area. Its awareness has already become deeply rooted among the industry.

The four-day exhibition attracted 300 exhibitors from 20 different countries and regions. According to visitor reception up to the closure, the exhibition attracted around 43,000 visitors this year. The number of trade visitor was far more than expected.

Around 2,700 campers encamped on site

In order to create the comprehensive accompany exhibition, 6th China International RV & Camping Rally, the organizing committee invested more on the supporting infrastructure for campsites. The upgraded quality and service attracted camping lovers from all over the nation to encamp, among which most were from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Shandong and Shaanxi. The total number of RVs exceeded 280 and around 2700 campers participated.

Overseas RVs develop Chinese market  

As the most widespread and influential exhibition, Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition has become the essential platform for domestic and overseas RV brands to develop their market. Meanwhile, it is also the first choice for overseas RV brands to entre Chinese market. The exhibition attracts top RV brands from America, Germany, Australia, France, Japanese, Korea and etc. Numerous brands comprehensively present their high-qualified RV to Chinese consumers. It is also the best platform for RV and Camping culture to seek business cooperation, which is the important stage for Chinese RV industry to go international.

Appreciations from industry exhibitors

RV market is gradually penetrating to Chinese family. Exhibitors from different countries regard highly of the exhibition. Most companies expressed that the exhibition became more reasonable and pleasant in all terms of process, supporting service, committee enthusiasm and exhibition environment and layout. The exhibition also provides exhibitors and visitors with many conveniences. As a result, the outcome of the exhibition is even better than expected, visitors and buyers coming in flocks. Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition and RV World has developed as the most important consumer source for Chinese RV industry, playing an vital role in promoting the development of Chinese RV industry. Many companies stated that they will bring more innovative RV products to the 12th exhibition in March next year so that to facilitate the promotion Chinese RV industry and Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition.

300 media all-round coverage

As the development of RV industry in recent years, the committee strengthened and upgraded media promotion to a large extent. In order to further expend the influence and awareness of the exhibition, the committee invited CCTV, BTV, Travel Channel, HNBTV, Tecent Auto, Sina Auto, Sohu Auto, 163 Auto,, Xcar, Autohome, 21RV and other 300 mainstream media to report the exhibition timely.

China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition takes regional, industrial and market advantage, continuously expending platform, building reputation, innovating, and presenting the change, innovation and development of major RV enterprises in the new era of industrial development. It is valued highly by industrial experts and makes a huge contribution to the development of RV and camping industry.

On 24-27, March 2016, the 12th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition will be completely upgraded with a more professional, focused and powerful stance to continue the success. Let’s look forward to it together!