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China RV industry develops steadily in 2014

In 2014, under the trend of increasing market demand, the RV industry in China develops steadily. According to the statistics presented by, from January to December in 2014, the domestic RV holdings are about 21,000, in which the annual sales volume is about 5,850.

In 2014 carry cargo and special vehicle product notice, which was in the declaration of Industry and Information Ministry’s Notice of Vehicle Production Enterprises and Products, 101 RVs made by 49 RV producers have been publicized. Among the 49 enterprises, not only the pioneering enterprises in the RV industry, but also a considerable number of emerging manufactures are on the list. Two enterprises from Panyu, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou, Henan respectively are listed on the top.

Travelling by RV is one of the most important means of road trip. The appearance, interior functions and stopping dependence of RV make it depend more on the camps than the ordinary ways of road trip. In the State Council meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, upgrading the consumption of leisure tourism and establishing camps for road trip and RV are also mentioned. The camp construction was in the trend of continuously expanding in2014.

According to the statistics, divided by the region of East North, North, East, West, West South, and West North, the total number of constructing and to be constructed vehicle and RV camps in 2014 have reached 83 (5 in East North, 9 in North China, 24 in East China, 5 in Central China, 2 in South China, 12 in West North and 26 in West South).

The statistics of planning camps in different provinces and cities are: 165 in Beijing, 400-500 in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta, 180 in Shandong, 100 in Sichuan, 100 in Jiangsu, 40 in Jilin, 25 in Heilongjiang, 7 in Ningxia. All regions in China are planning to build around 1000 camps in total. In less than 3 years, the consumption in the market of domestic RV camps is expected to reach over 10 billion yuan.

No matter the camps are developed by utilizing scenic spots or by the unique camp model, “RV+hotspring+hotel” or by purchasing RVs in bulk to provide renting service, these camps will all provide references to car owners and to those who want to invest in the camp industry.

China is a large country with a population of 1.4billion people. By the end of 2014, the RV holdings in china were only about 21,000, which mean China still has considerable market space. There is a lack of professional RV production technicians now in China. And the gap between China-produced RV and Western-made RV concerning the RV interior division and space utilization is still very big. At the same time, the producers and the suppliers are also confronted with the problem of lacking domestic supply of spare parts.

With the transformation of domestic consumption concepts and the development of social economy, the RV industry in 2014 presented a tendency of stable development, achieving moderate increase of major economic indicators such as production and marketing and benefit. In the coming 3 to 5 years, the whole RV industry will step into a stage of rapid growth. Under the role of domestic market demand, the development pattern and endogenous straining ability of self-owned brands are enhancing and the industry blowout effect is propelling, which will give birth to numerous highlights gradually.

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