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The Upcoming 10th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition

(Beijing) On January 15 afternoon, the press conference for the China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition 2015 (hereafter referred to “RV China”) was held in Hymer Hall, the RV World in Beijing RV Expo Center. The development situation of Chinese RV and camping industry in 2014, as well as the preparations for the 10th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Expo were introduced to the present news media by China Association of Automobile Manufactures Recreational Vehicles Industry Committee, Self-driving Tour and Camping & Caravanning Association of China Tourism Automobile and Cruise Association, Car Camping Branch of Federation of Automobile Sports of the People’s Republic of China, the Changyang town leaders of Fangshan district in Beijing and the leaders from the organizing committees of and RV World-Beijing RV Expo. Center, etc..

The 10th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition will be held at Beijing RV Expo Center•RV World from Mar. 19th to Mar. 22nd. The RV exhibition this year will attract more than 350 exhibitors from all over the world, involving RV manufacturers, dealers, suppliers of RV spares and accessories, log cabins, camping supplies, outdoor equipment, domestic campgrounds, camping parks and luxuries. The exhibition is the tenth event since its inaugural fair which has landmark significance in Chinese RV development. Therefore, the organizer will spare no effort to make the RV and Camping Exhibition a grand meeting with more abundant and comprehensive products and more professional and meticulous service so that to strive to present the entire industrial chain of RV camping, offer a more convenient one-stop shopping opportunity for consumers to learn the usage, maintenance, modification, tour and camping destinations of RVs and provide an optimum platform for both domestic and foreign RV and camping companies to reach mutual understanding and cooperation.

Embrace the Changes – The Tenth Exhibition Newly Upgraded

Established in 2010, Beijing International RV and Camping Exhibition is so far the first large-scale professional domestic exhibition with theme of RV and camping. After years of development, Beijing RV Expo Center has successfully held nine sessions of RV exhibition and has won the recognition of “professional, dedicated and authoritative” from the industry.

The tenth RV exhibition will start using brand new speedway area as the main venue of the exhibition which is neater and double the display area before. Besides the main exhibition site, supporting facilities of the exhibition campsites and dining areas will also be improved. “We provide more camping carports for drivers at RV family this year, and our exhibitors can enjoy the VIP camping areas as well,” said the exhibition founder Wang Jidong.

Be Poised and Ready – New and Old Brands Gathered

Ninety percent of the exhibition area has been booked up so far. Domestic RV brands will present including Great Wall, Zhong Yi, Zhong Tian, YUTONG-Klen RV, NORTH RV, JMC, Wu Zhouxing, Shunlv, Spring RV, CEV, Meng Zhilv RV, De Xing, Tangshan Yaters, Farid, Rongcheng Longhe, Tiantan Haiqiao, Oscar, Tianxing Huatai, Fuji, Qi Xing. New companies like Daide Long Tree, Shanghai Skyward, Shenyang Hechuang, Changzhou Tiansheng, Zhonghai Longdun, Jiangzu Weihang, Huangshan Qirui, Naijing Nanjing Nac Special Purpose Vehicle, Nantong Baorun will also make their first appearance. RV frontline dealers like Bürstner, Jun Qi, Hymer, Daloo, He He, EZETIL, Ting Sheng, Lake Mercedes will release new RVs on site. International RV brands such as German brands Bürstner, Hymer, Tiffin, Tabbert, Dethleffs, American brands Jayco, Forest River, Winnebago, Country Coach, Dutch brand Kip and Australian brand Deeson will fully display high quality RVS to the Chinese consumers. In addition, the world’s top four RV accessories manufactures Truma, Dometic, Atwood and Bosel will also make their brilliant shows. Log cabins and RV accessories enterprises like Meibiao Cabin, Sundon Cabin, Better Homes & Gardens, German Lamilux, Kinghorn China, Begap, Tritex, Shanghai Jinpeng, Bafang Ruijie, Goshen Tech, Indel and Thetford will add a bright scenery line to the exhibition. Outdoor equipment area composed by MobiGarden, Scaler, Maple, Leap, SANFO, San Hua Land & Water, TOREAD, TUTWO, etc. is also under intensive preparation. It is worth mentioning that three major theme plates, RC Campsites, RV Lease and RV Tour extend the exhibition from trading and transaction to the field of services. Enterprises specialized RV, camping, outdoors and accessories from China, USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, UK and Japan will gather together to present the biggest Asian grand meeting of RV transactions to a broad range of consumers .

Make Specialty Prominent – RV Industry Chain Deeply Excavated

During the exhibition, many professional supporting programs will be held including the 2015 China RV and Camping Industry Development Forum on “Brand • Marketing • Progress”, award ceremonies for “China’s top ten domestic and imported RV brands, top ten RV dealers, top ten camping sites, top ten RV accessory suppliers and top ten camping equipment”, RV modification workshop, Chinese RV and campsites enterprise procurement seminar, China RV standard and development seminar, China campsite planning, operation and management seminar and etc.. These activities are aimed to guide requirements, lead directions, integrate resources, capital and brands, as well as reflect the demands related to RV industry intensively, which will play a significant role in promoting national policies and regulations on RV and camping tourism, speeding up the construction of information sharing and exchange mechanism for Chinese RV and camping related enterprises, and building a new structure for Chinese RV and camping tourism.

Be Thankful and Return Favor – Shopping Spree Brought by Professional Buyers

“By paying return visits to pre-registered visitors, we found many people who have a clear intention to purchase RVs will attend the exhibition in March.”According to the person in charge who undertakes the exhibition, Beijing International RV exhibition has developed as an optimum platform for RV purchase among the masses. The exhibition organizers and the exhibitors will provide a more direct, more convenient and more favorable on-site car purchase service for the consumers. RV experience and RV vacation service under the new forms of RV lease and RV tour will also provide the RV lovers with a more comfortable car using service.

As an important one-stop platform for product display, technology communication and purchase in the global RV industry, the total scale of RV China 2015 will reach fifty thousand square meters with over a thousand domestic or imported RVs, more than 50 thousand visitors and over 300 mainstream media. As a vane for Chinese RV exhibitions, 2015 China RV exhibition will make a new breakthrough for the development of Chinese RV and camping tourism industry.

We hope to meet you at 2015 China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition. Let us corporate the great occasion and share the joy together!


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