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Moving on with the New Replacing the Old The Launch of the 14th China (Beijing) International RV & C

[21 RV News] On the occasion of the New Year ringing out with the old and ringing in the new, “the 14th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition and China (Beijing) International Camping Fair 2017” Press Conference was grandly held at Beijing RV Expo Center · RV World on January 12, 2017. Media reporters, officials and enterprise delegates gathered together to discuss the industry development and explore the future development of Chinese RV & camping industry based on the theme of “Exhibition”.

This exhibition is hosted by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers RV Committee, 21 RV and RV World and organized by Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition Ltd. The total exhibition area reaches 70,000 m2, attracting more than 400 exhibitors. It’s expected that audiences will exceed 80,000 people/trips. By then, both Chinese and international RV manufacturers and dealers, manufacturers and dealers of chassis, RV accessory, camping equipment, lodge and outdoor equipment, RV family fans and final-end users will gather together. This exhibition will showcase the latest RV, accessory and popular camping and outdoor equipment in 2017.

So far, China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition has held its 13th sessions and become a barometer of Chinese RV & camping industry, devoted to leading the trend in the industry.

Summarizing Favorable Policies and Focusing on Topics in the Spotlight

National policies are closely related to the industrial development. This press conference systematically summarized and interpreted key “favorable policies” promulgated in 2016. Frist, six departments and commissions, including China National Tourism Administration, jointly issued the Notice Regarding Accelerating the Construction of DIY RV Camps in September, to further implement the deployment of the State Council on “accelerating to construct RV camps and establish 500 camps in 2016”, which will drive the investment of RMB35 billion. In November, 11 departments and commissions, including China National Tourism Administration, jointly issued Several Opinions on Promoting RV Tourism Development. To further implement policies, by 2020, a batch of public services will be improved at RV destinations. A batch of high-quality RV routes will be launched and a batch of RV and camping chain enterprises will be developed, to strengthen RV products and improve their management and technology capacity. A camp service network system and complete RV chain in the tourism industry will be built and 2000 RV camps in different types will be established.

Related policy and environment have been obviously optimized. A RV tourism industry has been taken shape with expanding industrial scale and improving the development quality and comprehensive effect. Strongly supported by the state, the demands for RV and DIY driving tours are robust, projected an annual growth rate of 40% approximately. The whole industry demonstrates unprecedented vitality. At the conference, the participants discussed and analyzed hot topics in the industry. From either Home Inn Group releasing the new brand “Home Inn Town” , an effort to enter DIY tour accommodation market, or Beijing Tourism Group launching “Golden Snail” camping chain brand to deploy its layout in the camping industry, it is illustrated that increasing outdoor camping section is the most important and wise decision for Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition. 2017 China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition responds to the government policy to promote the development of camping industry as well as energy-saving and carbon reduction initiatives. Under the theme of “Embracing Nature and Low-carbon Life”, this exhibition sets up six pavilions (i.e. camp construction and development, camp recreation, outdoor products, family culture building) to further expand the exhibition scale and scope and establish a whole-industry chain.

Integrating Industrial Resources and Optimizing the Industrial Development

Exhibition industry promotes industry innovation and reform, while brand exhibition has become a social symbol. Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition is the largest RV & camping exhibition brand in Asia and well responded among industry associations, enterprises, media and final-end consumers. The key industry organizations will continuously offer their support to the 14th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition, including China Association of Automotive Manufacturers Recreational Vehicle Industry Committee , Self-driving , Camping and RV Branch of China Tourism Automobile and Cruise Association ,

Automobile and Camping Branch, Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of ChinaAutomotive Industry Committee, CCPITBeijing RV Camping and Self-Driving Tourism AssociationChina RV & Camping AssociationChina Brand RV Alliance and China brand camp Alliance. All famous brands in the industry will attend this exhibition, bringing their high-quality lineups on the occasion of this spring and receiving the market inspection.

Vehicle manufacturer exhibitors include Yutong, Zhongyi, Zhongtian, LZONE RV, MAXUS, Brilliance Auto, Jiangling , Yate RV, Chuntian, Relaxed RV, Dongfeng, Shunlv RV, Higer, Dream Trip, Nanjing NAC, Longtree, Xinkai, Qixing, Deeson RV, Centch Stadt,Taimei,Buerstner,Junqi RV, Hymer RV, Dalian Hehe, Bh-hugy, Benz, Farid, Yasheng,Lingyang, Suteng, Newstar RV, Royal, Utour RV, Cofine, World Extention, Feishen, Mega, Family, Xinfei, Cosmos, Tiansheng, Sunshine Travel RV, Topspeed, Xinjishun, Huibeihui, Fuji, Tiantan Haiqiao, Kuanda, Zhongjin Bolang, Lijun Zhangheng, Beijing Huanda, Kaipeng, Hongri, Bowei, Jaly , Etrvtech, Shengtang Refit, Sanxing RV and Jinhang RV and other famous RV brands. German brands like Bürstner, Hymer, Knaus and Tabbert, American brands like Jayco and Forest River, French brands like Caravelair, British brands like Coachman and Australian brands such as Kimberley and other international brands will comprehensively display high-end imported RVs to Chinese consumers.

Famous international RV accessory manufactures such as Dometic, Truma, Thetford, Begap, Yamaha, Lunos and Urban Republic offer their full support to the exhibition. Domestic RV accessory companies will showcase their products, such as Guangun, Ningbo Chengbang , Kinghorn, Maygood, Eightparty Ruijie, Fengzhi Industry, New Focus, Dema Digital, Shabo Electronics, Legentach, Hongtengtong, Zymon, Hongdu Electronics, Huiming, Indel, Tianlang Junchi, Milestone, Huajun, Fuyuan Heping, Jietek Power, Kangtai Electronics, Genuine Marine and Tritex-Tripower, Qingdao Chuanghui, United Industry, Dongtai, Lepaier, Solarparts, Jinchen Union, Goshen, Maili, Yongan Vehicle, Cate, Yibo, Tianya Tonghang, XUNY-SAT, Handsome Rider, Yirui, Tuobao,Koyene Energy,Johe Guest and Royal Technology and Renogy solar power expert. In addition, ODM, Sundon, Yuantai , Kubo Industry and Mingchen are building up their campsite design onsite and the outdoor equipment pavilion is also in the full preparation, with the participation of MobiGarden, Lehero, Penghai and Xunye Technology.

Through the development of previous 13 sessions, 2017 China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition has accumulated extensive resources in RV & camping industry and become a one-stop platform for clients to purchase RV and camping equipment.

Achieving Outstanding Progress as Expected and Striding Towards the Future

Reviewing the 13th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition ended in last September, the exhibition achieved fruitful results, attracted more than 320 exhibitors and 54848 audiences/trips, and with an exhibition area of 50,000m2 and accumulated sales revenues around RMB380 million. Over 1000 RV and camping vehicles were exhibited and 3500 RV fans participated in camping activities. Several data hit record high among autumn RV and camping exhibitions! 91% of exhibitors were satisfied with audience quality, 99% exhibitors were satisfied with overall exhibition services and 83% of audiences visited the exhibition with purchase intention.  

Based on the achievements of past sessions, it is expected that all indicators will be improved this year. By then, domestic and international RV manufacturers, manufacturers and dealers of chassis, RV accessory, campsite design, camp equipment, lodge, outdoor equipment, high-end products, as well as RV family fans and final-end users will gather together to enjoy this feast. A dozen of industry and market demand activities will be held concurrently, such as “2017 China International RV & Camping Industry Development Forum”, “2016-2017 China RV and Camping Brand Award Ceremony”, “China RV and Camping DIY Tour Development Forum”, “China International RV Accessory and RV Manufacturing Summit Dialogue”, “Chassis Refit Seminar”, “How to Buy a Suitable RV” and “How to Plan a Perfect RV Tour.”

As introduced by the responsible personnel of the organizing committee, “from 2010, Beijing International RV & Camping Industry Exhibition has become the first large professional exhibition specialized in RV and camping products in China. After several years of development, it has built a good brand’s reputation in the industry, achieved total transaction value over RMB6 billion and occupied 50% of RV market. The exhibition could accommodate any demand for RV products and equipment. This exhibition aims to popularize cutting-edge RV culture and RV & camping experience in the world and drive the economic development of RV and camping  industry in China. By then, famous music bands will be invited to perform wonderful shows onsite and also featured gourmet food will be supplied to provide considerate camping services for RV fans.  

On March 23-26, 2017, the 14th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition and 2017 China (Beijing) International Camping Fair is looking forward to meeting you at Beijing RV Expo Center · RV World, to share achievement and happiness together!