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The 14th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition Embraced a Wonderful Conclusion

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During March 23 to 26, 2017, the 14th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition, which was jointly hosted by RV Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, 21RV and RV World, lasted for 4 days and concluded on the afternoon of March 26. When the exhibition was drawing to a close, the sale of one last IVECO RV put it to a wonderful end. During the 4 days, we have underwent 2 days of rain and 1 day of strong wind. This must be a test from God. In spite of the bad weather, we welcomed more visitors with warmer atmosphere. According to official statistics, this year’s exhibition welcomed 78020 person-time visitors and sold over 1000 RVs worthy of astonishing 870M RMB. The RV Camping industry has truly embraced a significant upgrade since 2015.  

“The Fall starts with a falling leaf.” 20 years ago, we aspired for a car and 20 years later, surrounded by over-crowded cities, we choose RVs to escape from cities and drive into rural areas. Under the umbrella of national policy, China RV industry is welcoming a new event, namely, China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition, which gathers domestic and foreign RVs, RC chassis and apparatus, wooden house, camping equipment and camping site. This exhibition has become a barometer of RV industry, an official platform for manufacturers to present their products, and the best place for customers to buy RV products.

Amidst rainy and windy weather, the 14th Exhibition has ignited visitors’ passion with good sales for exhibitors and dream RVs for customers.

Sales of over 1000 RVs Worthy of 870M RMB

On the first day, it rained in Beijing; the reporter visited LZONE RV booth and was told by a sales person that they had sold 15 RVs on the first day. The rain did pour out customers’ desire to buy but instead, brought true RV fans.

Numbers always represent results. According to statistics from the organizing committee, over 500 RV and outdoor product brands attended the exhibition till the conclusion, ranging from camping RVs of 20K RMB to off-road RVs of 10M RMB. On the 80,000 square meters exhibition area, 870M RMB sales revenue and bills were achieved. The exhibition has a remarkable 40% year-on-year growth of total deal revenue. The success of China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition has played a significant role in further promoting advanced RV culture and concepts, driving development of China’s RV & camping industry, integrating RV & camping and outdoor industry chains, and encouraging communication and cooperation in China’s RV & camping industry.

78020 person-time Visitors

Along with the growing passion and need for RV & camping travel as well as outdoor leisure activities, Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition, which gathers world well-known RV products, has attracted a huge number of industry personnel, fans and visitors from home and abroad. This Exhibition provides a non-stop purchasing opportunity for RV & camping fans and operators, as well as a broad platform for domestic companies to understand each other and reach cooperation. According to incomplete statistics, the 4-day exhibition has attracted 78020 person-time visitors till the conclusion, which has 33% year-on-year increase and proves to be a hit beyond our expectation.

Around 3800 Campers Took over 700 RVs to Attend the Camping

In the initial period of preparing the 14th Exhibition, the organizing committee has increased construction of camping site infrastructure. The upgrade of quality and service has attracted camping fans from all over China, among which the majority comes from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi, Guangdong and Sichuan. Around 3800 campers took over 700 RVs to attend the camping.

New Highlights in the 14th RV & Camping Exhibition

In the 14th Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition, we have added new highlights to attract the attention of visitors, such as full-size vintage train and military plane, Peterbilt RV, and ARM off-road RV. In order to push crossover cooperation and innovation, the Exhibition has integrated innovative technology VR experience area and RV 3D cinema. While watching RV, visitors can also experience the close integration of technology and RV industry.

Concurrent Activities Deliver Professionalism via Diversity

The industry development shall be led by professional experts. In order to effectively satisfy needs of industry development, the Organizer has also organized several concurrent activities such as Innovation, Reform & Win-win China International RV & Camping Industry Development Forum, 2016-2017 Annual China RV & Camping Industry Brand Awarding Ceremony, China RV & Camping Industry Brand Evaluation, Professional Chassis Modification Consortium; for RV & Camping fans, the Organizer has specifically launched RV Family Eurasia Trip Exchange Conference, How to Buy a Suitable RV Speech from WANG Xudong, and Fans Dinner. Through forums, training, awarding and interaction, the Organizer has led customers and industry experts to have a deeper and more scientific understanding of RV & Camping knowledge, communicate RV & Camping culture and push China RV & Camping industry to a new stage.

Exhibitors Speak Highly of the Exhibition

During the Exhibition, domestic and foreign exhibitors spoke highly of the 14th Exhibition, who said that this Exhibition had a more reasonable arrangement of process, supporting services, product categories and venue layout, created more favorable conditions for exhibitors and visitors, resulting in much better effects than expectation and more visitors and buyers. Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition has become the largest selling market of RV in China and played an active role in promoting the development and upgrade of RV industry. Many exhibitors have attended the Exhibition since its first year and witnessed the development of China RV industry. New highlights have been added for each exhibition and all conditions been improved to provide better services to exhibitors, who declared their willingness for a long-term cooperation with Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition.

360 Degree Live Coverage from over 300 Media

This is an age of internet and an age of sharing. In order to cover more extensive target groups and enlighten more people of RV industry, the organizing committee has fully consolidated and upgraded media coverage, and invited main domestic media journalists from CCTV, Beijing TV, The Travel Channel, Auto IQIYI, Auto Tudou/Youku, XCAR, Auto Sina, wtoutiao, Auto Tencent, Auto Ifeng, Auto Sohu,,, CRI Online, ChinaNews,,,,, BJtime,,, FM103.9, FM96.9 and FM90.5 on site to deliver live broadcast of the Exhibition.

2016 marks a milestone of development of China RV & Camping industry via the governmental guidance of policies, which has been obviously manifested in this years 14th Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition. Correspondingly, camping cars have appeared on site while wood cabin hotels, as another source of retaining customers, have caught attention of numerous people via various styles. Upon the arrival of travel mega-time, Beijing RV & Camping Exhibition, as the barometer and bellwether of the industry, has practically predicted which direction this industry is developing into, and played an influential and driving role in promoting advanced RV culture and concepts, driving fast development of China’s RV & camping industry as well as the overall development of this industry.

In spite of rainy and windy days, the 14th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition and 2017 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition have been big success when passionate visitors have walked into a dream RV camping life against the cold while exhibitors have went through rains to achieve sales beyond expectation. In the 4 days, we have experienced rain and wind together, and witnessed the summit of China RV & camping industry.

During September 7th to 10th, 2017, the 15th China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition and the 8th China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition will take place in Beijing. We will, as always, provide excellent service platform for exhibitors, present a grand RV event for visitors and contribute to promoting China RV & camping culture. See you in Beijing this September!