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The Press Conference of the 16th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition

Never forget the original intent, forge ahead

The16th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition,

2018 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition.

To be hold grandly in Beijing, March 22, 2018

[News of 21 RV] New year starts, the wonder continues. The16th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition, 2018 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition will be held grandly. In the afternoon on January 9, 2018, the press conference of the “the16th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition,2018 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition will be held ceremoniously in RV World• Beijing RV Expo Center.


On-site government leaders, experts and scholars, business representatives, media reporters, RV family members will gather here to inventory the results of the development of the industry in 2017, discussing 2018 new opportunities for development and exploring the industry take-off of new ideas. Beijing Fangshan District Tourism Development Committee, Fangshan District, Beijing Fangshan District CSD Management Committee, Beijing Fengtai District Changxindian Town People's Government leaders, as well as the Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Housing, Fang Dehe, the Secretary-General of CTACA Self-driving Tour and RV & Camping Branch Liu Hanqi, President of China Auto Motorcycle Sports Federation Auto Camping Branch Lin Jie, Executive Deputy Secretary General of RV Car Traveling Association Zhang Yunlong, Wang Jidong, Founder and CEO of 21RV, and Leaders of Other Supporting Organizations Attending Release will also make a speech and introduction.


The director of Beijing Fangshan District Tourism Development Committee Zhu Shisheng will make a speech


The leader of the Industrial Promotion Division of Beijing Fengtai District Tourism Development Committee Tao Zaobin will make a speech


The deputy executive director of Beijing Fangshan District CSD Management Committee Liu Jiandang will make a speech


Executive Deputy Town Chief of Beijing Fengtai District Changxindian Town People’s Government Yan Shan will personally present


The general-secretary of China Automotive Industry Association RV Committee Fang Dehe will make a speech


The exhibition will be hosted by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Committee, 21RV, hosted by RV World, Beijing Campers RV Exhibition Co., Ltd. The total exhibition area of 80,000 square meters, with over 450 exhibitors, and more than 80,000 visitors. At the appointed time, the talented people will gather in crowds, domestic and foreign RV production, chassis manufacturing, RV accessories, camping design, camping equipment, huts, outdoor equipment and other manufacturers, dealers and RV family riders, end users, RV clubs and camping landlords all over the country , Focusing on 2018 annual launch of the first new models, all kinds of classic and practical RVs, accessories and outdoor camping equipment widely welcomed by users.


The secretary-general of CTACA Self-Driving and Camping RV Branch

Liu Hanqi making the speech


The president of the branch of China automobile motorcycle sports federation Lin Jie making the speech


Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing RV Camping Self-Driving Tourism Committee Zhang Yunlong making the speech

Founder and CEO of RV / RV World in the 21rv Wang Jidong making

the speech


Hosted by Beijing Camper RV Exhibition Co., Ltd. Managing Director

Take the opportunity and follow the trend and seek development and forge forward

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "tourism is of strategic importance to the overall economic and social development of our country. Tourism is a comprehensive industry and an important driving force for economic development." The victory of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China also brought about a big driving force for the further development of the tourism industry for motor-vehicles. The diverse and multi-layered nature of tourism has made the wild mountains and desert grasslands as attractive as the bustling metropolis. National Tourism Administration: Total tourism revenue in 2017 was estimated to be RMB 5.4 trillion yuan, with the increase of 2.81 trillion from 2012, with an average annual increase of 15.83%. For many years in a row, China has maintained its position as the country of the world's largest source of outbound tourists and the fourth-largest country of inbound tourist destinations in the world. RV is the new carrier of travel, and RV life will bring happiness to people.

In 2016, the number of self-driving tourists in China steadily increased to 2.64 billion, an increase of 12.8% over the previous year and accounting for 59.5% of the total number of domestic tourists. Forecast 2020, China's self-driving tourists will reach 5.8 billion passengers, accounting for more than 70% of domestic tourists. In 2017, the development of China's campground industry ushers in a period of rapid development, which is also called the golden period of development. During this year, the government successively promulgated many more detailed and deepened policies. From the State Council to the National Tourism Administration and to the General Administration of Sport of China, the scope of the camping industry has gradually expanded and the relevance has been enhanced. With the active co-ordination of all levels of government, the construction of campgrounds will also greatly promote the development of China's RV market. Coupled with the investment promotion of the related industrial chains, a good circular promotion has been formed. According to the insiders’ estimates, China's RV market will reach RMB 100 billion by 2020, and the market growth behind this should not be underestimated. China's car consumption has shown the prototype of the domestic car consumption boom in Europe and the United States, which will turn out to be a brand-new growth point for China's self-driving tour market that is gradually becoming rational.

Opportunities are rare, coming along with the challenges. China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition has always been market-oriented, with service as its mission, and with the promotion of industrial development, the dissemination of RV camp culture as the ultimate goal. In the face of unprecedented good policy, how to make the RV industry in China grow healthily and robustly in the fertile land of China is the mission of 21RV. In addition to the strong support from the organizers, the exhibition will also continue to unite with the China Touring Car Association, self-drive touring and camping caravan branch, China Automobile Motorcycle Sports Association car camping branch, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Branch of the automobile industry, Beijing RV Camping Travel Association, China RV caravan, China Brand RV Alliance, China Brand Camp Alliance and other industry authorities as well as a large family of RV riders community and industry brand enterprises, promoting the improvement of infrastructure construction and enhancing the improvement of product quality through the exhibition, cultural exchange activities, forums, travel and other ways to promote China's RV camp culture. As the show organizers said: "This platform, is not only built for colleagues in the RV industry to communicate and build structures, but better convey the concept of RV consumption to the minds of the ultimate consumer, and with only consumer groups driven, the entire industry will move toward a more prosperous and healthier future. "

Forge the solid platform with the renowned enterprises, and invite the giants for discussing the hot points of the industry

Over the past 9 years, China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition has witnessed the ups and downs of industry and businesses and witnessed the development and transformation of the industry together. The exhibition continued cooperation with old customers while introducing more fresh power for the industry. At present, the participating exhibitors of more than 300 well-known domestic and foreign famous RVs, accessories and outdoor products manufacturing enterprises such as Zhongzhong (Great Wall), Zhongtian, Yutong Kailunbin, Yate, Zhongyi, SAIC Chase, Brilliance, JMC, Chuntian, Jinghang, Tourist, Shunlv, Longsui, Dometic, Truma, Thetford, such as Long Cui, Du Mida, Truman, and Theitford, have enjoyed encouraging growth over the previous period.

Create the industrial closed-loop with presence of more than 30 activities

The16th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition will host more than 30 high-quality industry interactive events during the same period: two forums on RV camping industry, 2016-2017 industry awards ceremony, RV industry standard conference, China RV chassis new product new Technology exchange meeting, China Salon dealer Annual Salon, "play RV" RV family community service platform formally launching ceremony, RV family annual activities introduction, riders skills training, the world's RV travelling and sharingetc. This is the place for sharing of cutting-edge information industry, publishing enterprise innovation technology, focusing on hot and difficult points, gathering all directions riders, where the unmissable global information will be shared.


The Secretary-general of 21 RV Co-Founder, RV Family Wang Xudong will introduce the 2018 RV family series activities, and three-year review of Asia-Europe.

Particularly worth mentioning is that many of the technologies and people who promote the development of the industry will also be commended and approved during the exhibition. We will unveil "Special Contribution Award for China's RV Manufacturing Industry, Best Design Award for RVs, Best Market Performance Award for RVs, Best New Award for RVs, and Top Ten Outstanding Women in China's RV Industry". In addition, the experience sharing sessions for RV family enthusiasts will be held daily, such as: Wang Xudong will interpret, "How to buy a RV suitable for you", "domestic and imported RV maintenance and driving skills training," "How to plan a perfect RV tour”, “the Launching Ceremony of 2018 Asia-Europe trip for RV family " and "the Launching Ceremony of 2018 Self-driving Tour in Russia for RV family with one hundred RVs"," RV family’s colorful night" etc., the activities will splendidly go on. 4 days may be not enough for those.


The link of answering questions for media

RV life will create happiness for people

New Year has started, the wonders will continue. Recalling the past 15 sessions of the exhibitions in the past, they can be described as fruitful not living up to expectations. Over 9 years, 16 sessions of RV camping exhibition with total exhibition area of more than 90 million square meters have more than 900,000 visitors, described as China's RV camping barometer and weathervane by the industry. With never forgetting the original intent and forging forward, we have always been committed to building a large platform for China's RV camp industry for creating more happiness and beautiful life for people!


The16th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibition,

2018 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition.

Exhibition preparation launches formally.

During March 22 to 25, 2018, “the 16th China (Beijing) International RV and Camping Exhibitionand 2018 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition will be held in the RV World · Beijing RV Exhibition Center, looking forward your presence to witness the achievements and happiness!